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"While we try to teach our children about life, they teach us what life is all about"



If there would be just one reason (and there are loads more, of course!) for us to do a conscious and persistent effort to improve our lives, characters, and overall awareness about ourselves, others, and life in general, it would, definitely, be parenting.

We've all been told a thousand times, over and over again, that parenting is the most important, though difficult, job in the whole world; there are no promotions, no career progression, no swapping roles or companies, no retirement and, of course, no holidays, annual leave or even weekends.
- The most difficult job in the world?
- Do you think about how you are parenting?
- What's your project, vision, purposes and goals for your parenting role?
- What do you REALLY want for your children, besides "I want them to be happy!"?
- When did you do your "Parenting Plan"?
- What did you plan for?
- Who is accountable when children misbehave?
- Why do they act-out or misbehave?
- What is it to "act-out" or "misbehave"?
- Do you blame yourself, as a parent, for not performing as you fell you should?
- Do you say often: "Do what I say, not what I do!"
- What do your children see when they look at you?
- Are you REALLY paying attention to your child?
- Are you REALLY paying attention to yourself?

... And remember... this is the Most Important Role in the Whole World... So important that the future of Humanity depends on how the conscious, and the aware, and all the parents in the world, Perform on their Roles of Parenting, Creating the Next... and the Next... and the Next... and... the Next Generation of Conscious, Aware, and Awaken Adults!

Conscious, Aware, and Awaken Adults!

You ARE your children's living Role-Model, in a specific moment of their lives that, without awareness, they are assimilating and creating their fundamental life-concepts and beliefs that will probably will last their whole life.
In this section of connecting101.life you will be able to deeply reflect on all this topics, as well as on your, deeply rooted, responsibility for your children's acting-out behaviour; as in most cases, the answer to this uncomfortable question lies (not on what we tell them to "be", "do" or "say", but really) on what you show them you "are", "do" or "say" yourself... In fact, if we take a look back in time, it was never really possible to parent successfully based on the premise "Do what I say and not what I do"... except, maybe, in a fear-based parenting style...
Join me on this quest for uncomfortable awareness, responsibility, change, self-growth, connection, and happiness...