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Mental Health Coaching

Working one-to-one involves a deep connection and a deep understanding that may or may not happen between two people.

If you want to explore if we have that connection and, at the same time get a sample of how, and if it would be a fit to you, I work 1-on-1, we can schedule a one-time deep dive consultation.

In this one hour online appointment, we will deep dive into the issue you want to address, that is causing you hurt, suffering, confusion or making you stuck in your life and growth, gain some awareness of the underlying problems and triggers, and, finally, understand together if we are a good match for a longer process in this journey of self-awareness and self-growth.


This will be a laser focused coaching session dedicated to develop self understanding and clarity, as well as cultivating in you new mindsets, new beliefs and new day-to-day actions that will produce immediate results in your life.

Initial Discovery Session: €350 / hr


 * Session Packages are available, on request, after the Initial Discovery Session

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