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Unlock Your Mental Health Potential


Mental Health and Trauma(s): Healing and Transformation




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Masterclass 1

Unlock Your Mental Health Potential Masterclass

In this Masterclass, You will learn about what Mental Health really is, along with how it is formed, so you can start from today to understand where you are, regarding your own Mental Health, to start designing your personal strategy to reach Your Full Potential and Become Your Best Self!  

Masterclass 2

Overcoming Emotional Trauma Masterclass

However, Life does not happen without at least some type of Emotional Trauma(s) along the way. That is why it is IMPERATIVE to Understand the Basis of Emotional Trauma, before deep diving in the Transformation of Your Mental Health, as one simply does not happen without the other. So, in this Masterclass, You will learn about what is really Emotional Trauma, how does it develop, and how can it be understood and transformed. You'll be asked to deep dive into your minor and bitter traumas, understand what they mean to you until this day, and get inspired on how you can start your healing and transformation journey!   

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Hi guys! I'm Alexandra Duque, and I'm an integrative clinical psychologist for 17 years. Today, I'm inviting you for a deep dive challenge into yourself, to understand where you are, and how can you bring more joyfulness, fulfilment, and happiness to your life. And I know what you're thinking: “Alexandra, we're in the middle of a pandemic! How is it possible to be happy and joyful when the world outside is so scary? When the uncertainty is part of every second of our day, for the past year?"

You see, in this huge Mental Health crisis, it is not all due to COVID-19. Mental Health issues have, probably, been there, in the back of our minds, for quite some time...

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When we empower ourselves with the tools, the knowledge, the understanding, and the empathy, we can, then, start a journey of self-discovering, self-healing, and self-transformation that will ignite our lives to the Next Level, pushing our Inner Selves to their Best!

And that is the CHALLENGE I bring You today!

Join me in these Masterclasses, and Start transforming YOUR Mental Health and Your LIFE from TODAY!

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