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DAY 1 - April 28th

Conscious Self-Awareness & Authenticity

This is the Day #1 of our live sessions. In this first session we will start discovering the 9 Secrets to UNLOCK your Mental Wealth.
What is, really, Conscious Self-Awareness and Authenticity, which role do they really play in our Mental Health, and
which simple strategies can you start using from today to develop those powerful tools? To trigger Change in our Brain, the first step to take is to FOCUS AND PAY ATTENTION. As adults, our brain plasticity doesn't allow us to passively change any more, as it would have happened when we were growing up as children. Those days of "effortless learning" are simply gone! However, that does not mean that we cannot Change, Learn, or Grow. It just means that, if we want to Change, Learn, and Grow, we HAVE TO DO IT ON PURPOSE, and that is the ONLY WAY WE WILL CHANGE OUR BRAIN! That is WHY Authenticity and Conscious Self-Awareness are SO Important, to trigger changes in the way that we feel every day (and feelings are also habits, not just reactions!), it is crucial to Lear and Allow Myself to Be Authentic, with Myself and Others, while PAYING TOTAL ATTENTION to What that Means, What I Want it to Mean, and How I am Feeling Moment by Moment in any Given Time. And that is THE FIRST FUNDAMENTAL STEP to Start Changing my Mental Health, along with My Brain Biochemistry, and the Way I "allow" Myself to Feel Every Day.     

DAY 2 - April 29th

Acceptance vs. Resignation vs. Accountability

Life is not always an easy challenge! And the way we face and deal with those curve balls life throws at us, has a massive impact on our Mental Health.

Often we even give up trying, and we call that Resignation.

However, it might not be the best way to nurture our Mental Health and Grow ourselves to the best possible version of our Future Self.

However, on the other hand, we also don't want to be fighting against Life all the time, or feel a victim of the World or other people, as it is definitely NOT the best way to Empower ourselves to become more in Control of Our Lives. On Day #2 that is exactly what we are going to be discovering together.

As they say: "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." (Reinhold Niebuhr) 

DAY 3 - April 30th

Self-Care & Empathy

A lot has been said and written about Self-Care and Self-Love. However, a lot of seem to be coming from a nebulous path of shame and obligation: "You HAVE TO love yourself!", "You HAVE TO take care of yourself!". But the REAL path of love doesn't really come from that space of punishment, it has much more to do with deserving and acceptance.

So, on Day #3, we are going to be discussing how can we start to Empathize more with ourselves, and really learn to unconditionally love ourselves from a place of acceptance, even though we want to push ourselves further in life and in our daily achievements? Pushing ourselves further doesn't have to come from Shame! Rather, the best ways to push ourselves further is to Nurture Self-Understanding (NOT CREATING EXCUSES) and a Sense of Inner Pride, that allows us then to Take Care of that same Asset that we Admire, and that is when the "Pushing Ourselves Further" becomes an inevitability, rather than an obligation.

DAY 4 - May 1st

Trust & Vision

If we are wired to spot danger all the time, as a huge part of our survival instinct, how can we foster the notion of Trust as a Fundamental part of our Personal Development and Mental Health? The type of "trust" that society has imprinted in our minds, is most related to Religion and Faith, and despite that might still have an important role in the way we look at Life from a Hope perspective, it does not allow us to foster a perception of Belief coming from our Inner Self, and, in turn, does not lend us the benefit of feeling "In Control" of our Lives. On Day #4 I bring you the Importance of Creating Your Life Vision, the Vision of the Live that You Want to Live, triggered by a huge Sense of Inner Trust, or Trust in Yourself, that You are the ONLY Person in the World that can Possibly Materialize that Vision, WITHOUT (necessarily) a Fixed Window in Time for that Outcome. You start Not only Believing, but You KNOWING THAT YOU ARE ALREADY LIVING THAT LIFE (or at least its foundation stones), and You Engage in a Never Ending Journey of YOUR AMAZING Life, until the day you lay down to rest... definitely!


DAY 5 - May 2nd

Personal History vs. Personal Story

However, it is NOT possible to create a FREE LIFE, Your Amazing Life, without addressing our attachments to our Traumatic (and perceived traumatic) Memories. The way that we Look at Our Past, will constantly MIRROR OUR FUTURE, and the Stories we Tell Ourselves, About Ourselves, and Our Lives, Daily and Deeply Impact how We Live (or don't live) in the Present Moment.

So, Day #5 is devoted to How to Shape and Transform our Personal Stories, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, triggering the Creation of an Inner NEUTRAL Observer, that is allowed to Perceive those Same Stories, from Other People's Perspectives, and MAINLY from the HISTORICAL (truthful) NEUTRAL Perspective, allowing ourselves to detach and let go from the, DISEMPOWERING, VICTIM ROLE, that most times, we Hold So Dear, as it tends to make us feel so much SAFER!

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DAY 6 - May 5th

Secrets of Healing Anxiety and Depression Masterclass

So how do we put all of this together in a framework that really helps with the symptoms of Anxiety and Depression?

In this bonus Masterclass, on the Day #6 of the Challenge, that is exactly what we are going to address. And the aim is, after developing a foundational understanding around Mental Health, from the 5 Days' Challenge, along with the recorded Masterclasses on the Basis of Mental Health and Emotional Trauma, you have now the opportunity to Create and Envision Your own Healing Path to Understand and Heal your Anxiety and/or Depression.

I'll break down the process for you so, immediately after the challenge, you can start to Implement all the Simple (yet effective) steps towards Boosting Your Mental Health and Create an Amazing Life... Your Amazing Life...

To rescue back our Mental Health is NOT, necessarily, an Easy Process, however, with the right understanding and tools, it can become SIMPLE! 


Unlock Your Mental Health Potential Masterclass (Recorded)

In this Bonus #2 Masterclass, previously recorded, that will be immediately available as soon as you sigh up for the Challenge, You will learn about what Mental Health really is, along with how it is formed, so you can start from today to understand where you are, regarding your own Mental Health, to start designing your personal strategy to reach your full potential and Best Self, and though maximizing the impact of the overall Mental Health Foundations Challenge.   


Overcoming Emotional Trauma Masterclass (Recorded)

However, Life does not happen without at least some type of Emotional Trauma(s) along the way. That is why it is IMPERATIVE to Understand the Basis of Emotional Trauma, before deep diving in the Transformation of Your Mental Health, as one simply does not happen without the other. So, in this Bonus #3 Masterclass, previously recorded, that will be immediately available as soon as you sigh up for the Challenge, You will learn about what is really Emotional Trauma, how does it develop, and how can it be understood and transformed. You'll be asked to deep dive into your minor and bitter traumas, understand what they mean to you until this day, and get inspired on how you can start your healing and transformation journey, maximizing the overall impact of the overall Mental Health Foundations Challenge.   

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Hi guys! I'm Alexandra Duque, and I'm an integrative clinical psychologist for 17 years. Today, I'm inviting you for a deep dive challenge into yourself, to understand where you are, and how can you bring more joyfulness, fulfilment, and happiness to your life. And I know what you're thinking: “Alexandra, we're in the middle of a pandemic! How is it possible to be happy and joyful when the world outside is so scary? When the uncertainty is part of every second of our day, for the past year?"

You see, in this huge Mental Health crisis, it is not all due to COVID-19. Mental Health issues have, probably, been there, in the back of our minds, for quite some time...

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When we empower ourselves with the tools, the knowledge, the understanding, and the empathy, we can, then, start a journey of self-discovering, self-healing, and self-transformation that will ignite our lives to the Next Level, pushing our Inner Selves to their Best!

And that is the CHALLENGE I bring You today!

Join me in this Challenge, and Start transforming YOUR Mental Health and Your LIFE from TODAY!

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