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Relationship Coaching

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More often than not, relationships can become a challenge. We tend to lose perspective of both our needs, along with our partner's, as empathy for the other person’s reality does NOT tend to come easy when our own feelings and emotions are part of the equation. 

A healthy relationship is one where both emotional and rational communication is taking place, and where both people are able to present their needs while feeling (and being) heard and understood.

However, when we feel hurt, we tend to lose the perspective of our own emotions, as hurt, disappointment, contempt, and so on, tend to blur our perspective of reality and turn us inward, in a self-defensive mechanism, that frequently comes out as aggressive or judgemental expressions or behaviour.

Frequently, it is extremely important to have a neutral part (coach or therapist) take a look at the relationship, as this unbiased view can help bring out clarity around both side's emotions, feelings, and overall perspectives on the situation. Also, a neutral part, can help the partners to find and express their real emotions that are hiding underneath the self-preservation and emotional survival mechanisms that are naturally activated when we feel our partner is trying to hurt us.   

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This will be a laser focused coaching session dedicated to develop both partner's self and outer understanding, gaining clarity on the relationship status, as well as developing a common view and goals for the relationship. The best way to understand my role in this session, it is to think of me as an emotional translator of both partner's emotional reality, so both can develop empathy and understanding towards the other person's perspective and perceive reality. Only after this shared understanding, a real, deep, and meaningful communication, can start to take place, setting the foundations to restore the real experience of emotional intimacy.

Initial Strategy Session: €450 / 90 minutes


 * Session Packages are available, on request, after the Initial Discovery Session, for 1 Month, 6 Months, and 12 Months 

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